‘Bold attempt’: Watch woman walk out of a Florida Walmart without paying for massive TV

A woman was able to walk brazenly out of a Florida Walmart without paying for a giant TV last weekend, and it was all caught on video.

According to a Facebook post from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the shoplifting went down around 5 p.m. July 12 at a store in Mulberry.

Surveillance video caught the woman and a companion in the electronics aisle placing the boxed television into their shopping cart, along with other items. The TV was a big boy, a 65-incher, authorities say.

“If you’re reading this before watching the video, you’re probably asking yourself, ‘Does a 65” TV actually fit in a shopping cart?’” read the police post. “The logical answer to that is, ‘No…not really.’”

After the companion exits solo, the video shows the woman soon breeze past the cash register and out the front door.

Before she got too far, security confronted the customer about her receipt, but she was unable to produce one, said the post, adding, “because she didn’t have one.”

The other woman then grabbed all of the stolen electronics out of the cart (minus the TV) and put them in their car. Both women then fled.

Store security was able to keep them from taking the TV, however. Prices for these models on Walmart.com run from $400 to around $2,500.

“Quite the bold attempt she made — trying to steal a TV that’s as big, if not bigger than she is,” wrote the sheriff’s office.

👌 story by The Miami Herald