British rapper Solo 45 sentenced to 24 years in prison for raping four women

British rapper Solo 45 was sentenced to 24 years in prison Thursday for raping four women.

The rapper, whose real name is Andy Anokye, was convicted of 30 charges, including 21 rape-related charges and five counts of false imprisonment in a case that police said exhibited some of the most violent sexual behavior they had seen.

Anokye was accused of violent acts such as waterboarding, interrogating, assaulting and raping his victims. He alleged that it was all part of consensual role play. However, a jury at Bristol Crown Court in southwest England convicted him in March of all but one charge against him.

Sentencing him on Thursday, judge William Hart said Anokye had “no empathy” for the women he abused.

Solo 45 has been sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Detective Superintendent Lisa Simpson of Avon and Somerset Police said Anokye’s offenses were “some of the most violent sexual behavior” the force had seen.

“We cannot begin to understand what each individual victim has gone through,” she said.

Anokye, 33, was signed to Island Records and was part of the grime collective Boy Better Know.

The judge said none of the other members of Boy Better Know “knew of your dark side and they are in no way tainted by your misdeeds which were carried out in a wholly private and hidden way.”

*story by Fox News