Florida man fatally shoots Burger King worker over drive-thru delay

A Florida man fatally shot an Orlando Burger King worker Saturday night after his friend’s drive-thru order took too long to complete, according to a report.

Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes, 37, is accused of gunning down Desmond Joshua, 22, in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant on E. Colonial Drive about 7:30 p.m., according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

“You got two seconds before I shoot you,” Rodriguez-Tormes told the victim, who had only been recently hired, before pulling the trigger, WKMG reported, citing deputies.

Rodriguez-Tormes had earlier stormed to the Burger King at the behest of a woman who made a scene over a long wait time at the drive-thru.

The unidentified woman was refunded $40 and told to leave after she got out of her car and screamed she was going to get “her man” to come to the eatery, according to an arrest record.

She drove away, but soon after returned with Rodriguez-Tormes, who targeted Joshua, demanding the employee fight him.

Rodriguez-Tormes placed Joshua in a headlock before a witness separated the two, records show.

But moments later, Rodriguez-Tormes returned from his truck with a gun and shot Joshua, police said.

The employee was taken to an area hospital and pronounced dead.

Rodriguez-Tormes was charged with murder, destruction of evidence and weapons possesion.

*story by The Washington Post