Massive brawl breaks out on beach with umbrellas and sunbeds used as weapons

A huge brawl broke out on a beach where people used umbrellas and sunbeds as weapons.

The dramatic scenes were filmed at Blankenberge beach on the Belgian coast where sunseekers clashed with police officers.

According to The Brussels Times, the fight started when a lifeguard pointed out to a group of about 40 young people that sitting on the breakwater was prohibited.

Police were then called after the group reportedly refused to leave, which sparked the huge brawl.

Describing the incident, a bar manager told De Standaard: “There was suddenly massive fighting and total chaos broke out.

“Sun umbrellas and sunbeds flew, windsurfing poles were used as weapons.”

Sand was also thrown at officers, who were armed with batons and wore face masks.

A number of people were arrested after reinforcements arrived to breakup the brawl.

“I think this is terrible,” Mayor Daphné Dumery said. “For people who come with good intention and want to enjoy a day in Blankenberge, this is very bad. I think of children and their parents.”

As a result of the fight, day-trippers will be banned from Blackenberge on Sunday.

Mayor Dumery has asked for not trains to the seaside resort to run during the day.

Police will also patrol the area and will turn away tourists.

Dumery said: “Our city needs a time-out. On Sunday we want to keep day-trippers out of Blankenberge as much as possible.

“Only residents, second-home owners, overnight tourists and people working in the city will be admitted. With this measure we hope to restore peace.”

“Most of the troublemakers have been caught,” Duméry added. “Almost all of them have a long list of previous offences.”

Locals spoke of their shock at the brawl.

@michaelpardon3 tweeted: “Huge fight today at Blankenberge beach. Ashamed to call those people my fellow countrymen #Blankenberge.”

Another said: “Never seen so many police vehicles at once. Massive brawl on the beach of #Blankenberge as dozens turn against law enforcement. What the heck?!”

*story by Mirror Online