Inmates start fire at Manhattan Detention Complex: FDNY

LOWER MANHATTAN, New York (WABC) — Firefighters responded to an all-hands fire at the Manhattan Detention Complex on Friday night.

According to the FDNY, firefighters got a call about flames on the 9th floor of the 18-story high rise correctional facility in Lower Manhattan.

Deputy Chief Joseph Schiralli says it was a rubbish fire started by inmates.

He says two to three cells were involved.

Firefighters made their way up to the 9th floor and were able to put out the fire. This resulted in a residual smoke condition.

Officials say cells were occupied, but prison staff evacuated the 9th floor inmates.

There was one minor injury to a correction officer who had an asthma attack.

Citizen App video shows one person being taken away on a stretcher.

All-hands fire at Manhattan Detention Complex

Officials say the victim was taken to an aerial hospital.

There was also one firefighter who sustained a minor injury.

*story by ABC 7 New York