‘You guys won’: Video shows a Seattle police officer telling a protester he’s leaving the department because he’s tired of the demonstrations

A Seattle police officer was caught on camera telling a protester he’s leaving the department and suggesting that it’s because he’s sick of anti-police demonstrations in the city.

The video was posted to Twitter on Saturday by pro-Trump Twitter user named Ray Garcia. It’s not clear who originally took the video.

The officer in the video is not identified, but he is seen in a uniform and vehicle matching the markings of the Seattle Police Department.

The clip shows the officer pulling up to a protester, who is filming, and asking him if he’s “having a good day.”

“Not really, you’re around,” the protester can be heard saying. The protester’s face is out of the frame throughout the video, and his identity is not known.

“Oh, well I’m sorry for that. But don’t worry man, because guess what? I’m leaving,” the officer responds. “You guys won. F—ing two months baby, I’m out.”

The circumstances of this officer’s departure is not clear.

After the protester asks the officer how he was feeling about his leaving the department, the officer replies: “I’m feeling f—ing great. I am leaving this department, you guys won.”

The protester then asks the officer if he’s resigning over police brutality, and the officer says “nope.”

The officer then gets out of his car to shout at some other people who are out of the frame. Meanwhile, the protester is heard saying: “He said he’s tired of us and he’s going to resign because of Black Lives Matter, not because he’s tired of the police.”

When the officers gets back in his car, the protester starts taunting him.

“Hey are you triggered boy? You triggered? Oink oink. Oink oink. Yeah f— you and your blue lives boy. F— you and you’re blue lives,” the protester is heard saying.

The officer responds: “Why can’t we be friends?”

The protester then says: “No we ain’t ever going to be friends. We’ll never see eye to eye. I don’t give a f— if you’re taking that badge off you’ll never be my people, you’ll never be my friend.”

The Seattle Police Department did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Seattle has been the scene of regular Black Lives Matter and anti-police protests since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the end of May.

For nearly a month, protesters took control of the area around the SPD’s East Precinct and made it a police-free zone, which they named the Capital Hill Organized Protest CHOP). At one point, President Donald Trump sent federal agents to the city to quell the unrest, but they were sent home days later.

Last week, demonstrators marched through a historically Black neighborhood, where one man was caught on camera yelling at the white residents who “gentrified” the area.

“Give us your house, give Black people back their homes,” another protester with a megaphone is heard yelling in the video.

Last week, the Seattle City Council voted to defund the police by $3.5 million — and suggested there would be more to come — and hours later the chief of police, Carmen Best, announced her resignation.

Best is the first Black woman to lead the Seattle Police Department, and cited a “lack of respect” for her officers — rather than the budget cuts — as the reason why she is stepping down.

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