BLM protesters set Portland police station on fire as riot intensifies

Black Lives Matter militants set fire to a police station in Portland Sunday night during yet another night of violence in the Oregon city.

The march on Portland Police Bureau’s north precinct had already been declared an unlawful assembly as police say they were pelted with “rocks and bottles” and had “powerful green lasers” pointed at them.

But a mob of at least 300 continued to advance despite repeated warnings by police — and lit an awning to the precinct ablaze, The Oregonian said.

“Criminal Activity has continued. This event is now a RIOT,” police warned via social mediaas well as repeated loudspeaker announcements.

Officers then used tear gas to clear the area and managed to quickly put out the blaze, The Oregonian noted.

The riot came on the 88th consecutive night of protests sparked by the police custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

Sunday appeared to have intensified after growing outrage over police in Wisconsin shooting black driver Jacob Blake several times as he tried to get into his car — with his name a rallying call in the Portland rally.

The previous evening had also been declared a riot — with anti-police protesters even bringing out a mock guillotine to taunt the lines of officers, cops said.

*story by The New York Post