Ocasio-Cortez accuses NBC News of making her ‘life a living hell’ with tweet about DNC remarks

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., remains furious with NBC News, saying this week that the network made her “life a living hell” with a tweet that she says resulted in “a ton of abuse” directed at her.

Last week, Ocasio-Cortez accused NBC of trying to “generate hate-clicks” with a “blatantly misleading tweet” about her one-minute appearance during the second night of the Democratic National Convention.

In her remarks, Ocasio-Cortez followed a convention tradition and seconded the nomination of Democratic runner-up Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. However, NBC News led its tweet about the moment by stating that Ocasio-Cortez “did not endorse Joe Biden.”

Ocasio-Cortez also accused NBC of suggesting she was being curt in her remarks by delivering “one of the shortest speeches of the DNC”.

In a clarification that appeared about three hours after the initial tweet, NBC wrote that it “should have included more detail on the nominating process.” It said Ocasio-Cortez had seconded the Sanders nomination at the request of the Democratic National Committee, as well as that the nomination was a “procedural requirement of the convention” — but Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t satisfied.

“You waited several hours to correct your obvious and blatantly misleading tweet,” she wrote, adding that the first message had “sparked an enormous amount of hatred and vitriol, & now the misinfo you created is circulating on other networks.”

On Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez discussed the situation on her Instagram story, according to Mediaite.

“NBC immediately framed this normal process as ‘AOC doesn’t endorse Joe Biden‘ when they KNEW this was normal and were ADVISED that the whole point of my role WASN’T to do that!” she wrote in a now-unavailable post. “But educating people on the process doesn’t generate as much clicks or money, so they framed this as controversially as possible. The FACT is true – I didn’t endorse Biden in this 60 sec clip – but the STORY was at best irresponsible.

“This actually made my life a living hell in the immediate aftermath,” she continued, according to Mediaite. “Floods of people, misled by NBC, directed a ton of abuse my way and I was cast as ‘going rogue’ and harming the party… @NBCNews has yet to apologize.”

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