Protesters swarm home of Los Angeles police chief and cover windows in anti-police posters

The home of Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore was covered in anti-police posters after dozens of protesters demonstrated outside his home.

The Black Future Project, an anti-racism activist group, held a protest outside of Moore’s home and covered his home in anti-police posters on Thursday night during which protesters surpassed a locked pedestrian entrance to enter Moore’s gated neighborhood, according to a report from the Beverly Hills Courier.

“We are at Chief Moore’s house. He is the chief of LAPD, the most brutal police force in the nation,” a protester shouted. “Almost 1,000 people have been killed, and he allows this to happen. He makes $500,000-plus per year to instruct people to racially profile and kill black people. He lives right here.”

The protesters kicked over one street lamp while leaving the property. Some of Moore’s neighbors shouted at the protesters and ordered them to leave.

According to a report from KABC, no one was arrested during the protest, but the police filed a vandalism report. Moore was later spotted by reporters power-washing his home to remove messages written in chalk.

*story by The Washington Examiner