Trump activist Candace Owens compares Black people to ‘toddlers’ and says America is ‘overdosing on white guilt’

In the interview, Owens compares “radicalised Black people” to badly-behaved “toddlers”.

She continued to explain how she thinks “white America” responds to some Black people in a patronising way.

Owens continued:

When they see these radicalised Black people… screaming and wailing about something, they just give them what they want no matter what it is.

Owens then cited the example of ‘defunding the police’ and called it an “absurd demand” from some Black people (although many white people and non-Black people of colour also support defunding or abolishing the police).

She blamed the circumstances on ‘white guilt’ and accused America of “overdosing on white guilt”.

Candace Owens made the comments in an interview with libertarian talk show host Dave Rubin.

This interview isn’t the first time that Candace Owens has caused controversy. In fact, she’s pretty well known for it.

In the past, she sparked outrage by saying that George Floyd was not a hero and was at “the bottom of society”.

She also claimed that the Black community was doing better in the 1960s than it is now. This was an unequally unpopular take.

Owens even got into a fight with Cardi B after calling her “illiterate”.

We suspect that she might like the attention.

*story by Indy 100