A woman held a suspect at gunpoint after he fatally stabbed an 85-year-old Michigan man at a local grocery store

A 29-year-old man was charged for stabbing an 85-year old man at a grocery store in Michigan on Wednesday, the Daily Telegramreported.

Officers arrived at Meijer, a local supermarket, in Adrian, Michigan at 12:30 p.m to respond to a stabbing of Glen Harold Meyers, according to the outlet.

Before authorities arrived at the scene, they were told that the suspect, Alarick John Guajardo, was being held at gunpoint by a woman, who was a concealed pistol license holder. The unidentified woman pointed her firearm at Guajardo until officers detained him, the outlet reported.

The victim, Meyers, was stabbed numerous times in the head and neck. He died at the scene of the incident from his injuries, according to the Adrian Police Department.

Guajardo is facing several charges including  “open murder, carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent,” The Daily Telegram reported.

According to the outlet, the details of the incident are being investigated. Adrian police department’s Chief Vincent Emrick said authorities are evaluating security footage and gathering information from eyewitnesses, according to Daily Telegram’s report.

*story by Insider