Ilhan Omar says no Republicans have even privately condemned death threats against her

In an interview with the Times, Omar discussed “hateful” attacks against her from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, as well as the rise of Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican House candidate in a far-right Georgia district who held a gun next to a photo of Omar’s “Squad” in a campaign video. Greene’s video is just one of many “dangerous” people spouting “bizarre, ill-informed conspiracies” about Omar and other Democrats and “terrorizing so many of us,” Omar said.

But despite receiving “a few death threats that have been very publicized where people have been arrested and are incarcerated for it,” Omar said she has received no support or condemnation from Republicans. “I can’t remember a public statement or private comment of support,” she continued.




Despite being “discouraged” by this lack of unity “sometimes,” Omar said she has “hope” that “the lived reality of what exists in American cities and towns” isn’t the same as what’s online.

*story by The Week