Leftists outraged at Biden quickly condemning violence and offering prayers for officers shot in Louisville

Leftists criticized Joe Biden for a tweet that condemned violence and offered prayers for the police officers shot in Louisville, Kentucky, during protests and riots that followed a grand jury decision relating to the death of Breonna Taylor.

“Even amidst the profound grief & anger today’s decision generated, violence is never & can never be the answer. Those who engage in it must be held accountable. Jill & I are keeping the officers shot tonight in Louisville in our prayers. We wish them both a swift & full recovery,” the former vice president and Democratic presidential nominee tweeted Wednesday night.

Biden’s tweet that recognized the shot police officers came much faster than his full statement on Wednesday’s grand jury decision, which found there was enough evidence to charge only one of the three officers involved in Taylor’s death. Biden, who was traveling in North Carolina at the time, told reporters multiple times that he had not seen all of the details of the decision, and he released a full statement seven hours after it was announced.

Many leftists and commentators on Twitter were not pleased that Biden quickly condemned violence and turned the focus to the police officers who were shot.

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, an assistant professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, compared Biden’s rhetoric to that of President Trump.

“When Black people are being killed and months of protests produce nothing but insults and abuse by the police, not a good time do a ‘both sides’. Its as tone deaf as Trump’s ‘very fine people,'” Taylor tweeted.

“[W]hen people tell you they feel miserable about voting or are still apathetic about it it’s not because they don’t understand what’s at stake, it’s because you’re asking them to vote for a guy who, tonight of all nights, is out here going ‘i hope the cops are ok,” tweeted one commentator identified as “Aura.”

Commentator James Cassar called Biden’s tweet “morally bankrupt.”

“Joe Biden is garbage and his campaign strategy of appealing to Republicans is garbage. Millions of easy votes on the left if he wanted them,” wrote one person identified as Pat.

Other popular leftist responses to Biden’s tweet included telling him to “eat shit joe,” and “F— Joe Biden.”

*story by The Washington Examiner