Police officer launches himself headfirst down courthouse stairs in attempt to catch fleeing suspect


An Ohio sheriff’s deputy was injured after leaping above and beyond the call of duty. Literally.

Highland County Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Reno vaulted headfirst over a stairway banister in an attempt to stop a suspect fleeing sentencing for drug possession.

The suspect, 33-year-old Nicholas Garrison, was being sentenced Sept. 22 on a fifth-degree felony charge of aggravated possession of methamphetamine at the Highland County Courthouse. The judge ordered him to serve six months in jail with an additional 530 days because he committed the offense while under community control for a prior drug conviction, The Times-Gazette of Hillsboro reported.

After his sentencing, he broke away from a deputy and bailiff and ran out of the courthouse, WLWT-TV reported.

His escape was caught on camera.

The dramatic video follows Garrison as he made his flight. Just as he was about to be handcuffed by a bailiff, Garrison broke away. He rushed through the courtroom and out a door with three officers in pursuit.

The door led to a hallway with a set of stairs. Garrison quickly ran around and charged down the stairs to escape the building.

Reno, in hot pursuit, dove headfirst over the stairway banister, attempting to grab Garrison as he fled. Unfortunately, Reno crashed into the wall, smacked his head on the stairway railing, and slid down the stairs as the suspect got away.

Garrison successfully escaped from the courthouse.

Deputy Reno did not have a soft landing.

Highland County Sheriff Donnie Barrera said Reno broke four ribs and suffered a minor concussion from the fall when he landed on the stairs.

“The deputy bailiff went above and beyond to try and cut him off at the shortest path and unfortunately for the deputy bailiff he got injured,” Sheriff Barrera stated.

Reno was hospitalized due to his injuries.

“The deputy, unfortunately, went down the stairs headfirst in an attempt to try and catch him,” said Barrera. “I went out to the hospital and visited him when he was getting treated at Highland District Hospital. He was in good spirits at that time.”

Reno has since been released from the hospital and is recovering at home.

Garrison fled to a motel in Clinton County. He was on the run for more than three days before police caught him on Sept. 25. The police say they received a tip leading them to his location. He now faces additional charges.

*story by The Blaze