Pro-Trump demonstration in Washington turns violent after BLM protester disruption

Video posted on social media Saturday appeared to show Black Lives Matter protesters disrupting a pro-Trump demonstration in Washington, D.C.

“BLM rioters appear to be turning things violent in DC,” Daily Caller Senior Congressional Correspondent Henry Rodgers tweeted Saturday evening.

“About 30 mins ago DC Police park Officers wrestled with BLM Protesters at today’s@RealWalkAway rally,” independent journalist outfit RawsMedia reported. ”Multiple arrests have been made.”

Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered near the Washington Monument midday Saturdayas part of the #Walkaway movement organized by pro-Trump activist Brandon Straka.

The official Twitter account for Black Lives Matter in the nation’s capital urged supporters to “record and take pictures of the police” if they choose to counterprotest against Trump supporters.

“If you are protesting the MAGA and white supremacist downtown in #DC right now: most of them are still maskless. Keep your masks on, pass out extras to your comrades, record and take pics of the police, not protestors or your comrades, blur faces before posting,” the Twitter post read.

Journalist Andy Ngo tweeted video from the scene, alleging that a woman protesting against the Trump supporters had been previously arrested during riots in Portland, Oregon, earlier this year.

“BLM rioters tried to crash the #WalkAwaypro-Trump rally in DC today,” Ngo tweeted. “The woman with the glasses screaming at the end of this video is Megan Mitra Smith. She was arrested at least three times in Portland over the past few months at violent protests.”

*story by The Washington Examiner