Baltimore bus driver fatally shot in broad daylight. As he lay bleeding on the ground, the suspect walks over and shoots him several more times.

Police are searching for a suspect who reportedly shot and killed a city bus driver after stealing his belongings on Thursday morning.

What are the details?

The incident took place Thursday morning as bus driver Marcus Parks made a stop near the Jonestown neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland.

During the stop, an unidentified suspect attempted to enter the bus, but Parks told the man that he could not get on the bus, WJZ-TV reported. In response, the man snatched Parks’ bag of personal belongings and took off. Parks gave chase, but the suspect then opened fire on the bus driver, killing him at the scene.

Baltimore City Police spokesman Donny Moses said in a statement that a nearby officer heard the shots and saw a man fleeing from the scene. The unnamed officer was not able to capture the suspect.

“At around 10:30 we had an officer here at the 1200 block of East Fayette, he heard gunshots. His attention was drawn to the corner, he saw a bus and he saw a bus driver out on the ground who had just been shot,” Moses said. “Additionally, he observed a suspect. He did attempt to chase the subject, however, the officer was not able to apprehend the suspect.

“He returned and we found a 51-year-old bus driver who had been shot,” Moses added. “Unfortunately he was pronounced dead on the scene. And from what we know, the bus driver had just pulled the bus over and let the passengers off. The suspect attempted to board the bus at which point the bus driver told him he couldn’t, [and] an argument ensued. The suspect then snatched the bus driver’s bag and ran.

“The bus driver chased him,” Moses added. “The suspect turned and shot him.”

An eyewitness told the Baltimore Sun that he witnessed Parks fall to the ground. The eyewitness added that the suspect then stood over Parks as he lay on the ground and shot him several more times before fleeing the scene with Parks’ bag.

“He tumbled and that was it,” the eyewitness said. “He didn’t move. He was laying there and the guy came back and shot him again.”

Baltimore City Mayor Bernard C. Jack Young tweeted about the death of Parks and referred to the fallen city worker as a friend.

“Attacking an essential worker during a global pandemic is the epitome of depravity,” he said. “We must have an end to these senseless acts of violence and as a city, we must find other ways to cope instead of resorting to violence. Mr. Parks was a personal friend and will be remembered as a dedicated public servant and a true hero to the residents of Baltimore city. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time. May his memory be a blessing.”

*story by The Blaze