Proud Boys supporter warns of “civil war” if Donald Trump loses election

A video has emerged of a Proud Boys supporter warning that there will be a “civil war” if Donald Trump does not get re-elected in November and advises people to stock up on guns.

The clip featuring the self-proclaimed supporter of the far-right group was posted online by actor and blogger Walter Masterson and took place during a Trump rally in Staten Island, New York.

The Proud Boys supporter, who is not identified, describes how the group are “not brawlers” despite being known for their violent rallies and altercations with left-wing groups and movements such as antifa.

“But we’re there. We’re like the Marines, we’re the first to come in,” he adds.

When asked by Mastersonhow the Proud Boys reacted to Trump’s “stand back and stand by” comments he made during the televised presidential debate, the man said the group took that to mean the president is telling them to “wait for my orders.”

“And that’s exactly what we’re waiting for,” the supporter adds.

The clip then shows Mastersonsuggesting that Proud Boys are “not violent” before jumping to the supporter giving a warning as to what will happen if he does not win the election.

“If Trump doesn’t get re-elected, there’s going to be a riot. If he doesn’t get elected, this is when you’re going to see a civil war,” he adds.


“My recommendations to anyone stock up on ammo, get your guns.” The interview is then cut off and the video ends.

Mastersonsaid on Twitter days after he first posted the clip online that he intends to post the full interview online soon.

“Just a reminder that this is exactly how Proud Boys interpreted Trump’s call to arms,” Mastersontweeted.

In a statement on Instagram, Mastersonadded: “He was very open, he knew he was on camera and signed a release form as well. He had asked us to turn the cameras off during other parts of the convo and we obliged.”

Elsewhere, the Proud Boys supporter also said how some members also follow QAnon,the conspiracy theory which believes Trump is waging a secret war against the “deep state” and high-profile Satan-worshippingpedophiles.

After once again being accused of failing to denounce white supremacy with his “stand by” remarks at the debate, Trump eventually condemned the group listed as an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism” by the FBI.

“I’ve said it many times,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “Let me be clear again: I condemn the KKK. I condemn all white supremacists. I condemn the Proud Boys. I don’t know much about the Proud Boys, almost nothing, but I condemn that.”

The White House has been contacted for comment.

*story by NewsWeek