Florida teacher says she has right to ‘dislike blacks’, video shows

A white Florida teacher is out of the classroom for saying she was entitled to “dislike blacks” since she was attacked by a gang on a train in Atlanta as a teen, school officials said.

Video of the exchange between social studies teacher Tracey Brown and students at Poinciana High School in Kissimmee shows one teen telling her that some black people live in communities where cops “do not treat them right” during an online class Monday.

“Do you understand?” the student then asked, setting Brown off, the video shows.

“Stop right there, David,” Brown replied. “Stop! I want to be very clear. What you don’t know about me could fill a friggin’ swimming pool.”

Brown then told the students she was attacked when she was 16 while riding a train in Atlanta by a gang that “used the language of blacks,” the startling footage shows.

“I have as much right as anyone else to dislike blacks for what happened to me,” Brown said. “So, you don’t get to preach to me what I do and don’t know.”

A second clip circulating online also showed Brown criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement, WFTV reports.

“You are implying that black lives matter more than anyone else,” Brown said at one point.

The student who Brown admonished said the teacher’s comments came during a discussion about the social movement.

“I took offense to it because I am black,” the student told WFTV. “I didn’t want her to, like, say anything about this at all.”

Tracey Brown, a teacher in the Osceola County Florida School District. Twitter

Brown continued by saying she was a “little bit more educated” than the assailants who attacked her as a teen, the clip shows.

“And I was raised that skin tone is nothing but pigment,” Brown said. “It has nothing to do with who you are on the inside.”

Brown then turned her ire toward the Black Lives Matter movement, denigrating its supporters as “entitled, self-righteous individuals.” The teacher’s original lesson plan was about the Constitution before the topic shifted to Black Lives Matter, a second student told WFTV.

“I guarantee you wouldn’t support the movement at its heart,” Brown told the students, video shows.

Brown has been reassigned to a position outside the classroom with no interaction with students as school officials investigate the incident, Osceola County School District spokeswoman Dana Schafer told The Post Thursday.

“Racism, intolerance, and injustice have no place in our communities or in our schools,” district officials said in a statement. “We will not tolerate behavior by students or staff which insults, degrades, or stereotypes any race, gender, disability, physical condition, ethnic group, religion, or sexual orientation.”

Brown, who first joined the district in 2012, left three years later before returning in 2018, Schafer said.

*story by The New York Post