Waka Flocka Faces Major Backlash After Revealing He Thinks Trump Is A Better President Than Obama

Fans are roasting Waka Flocka Flame after the rapper confessed on Instagram that he believes Donald Trump is a better president than Barack Obama. Waka Flocka, 34, made the surprising revelation in the comments of a video posted by DJ Akademiks showing Trump getting absolutely bodied by Obama in an October 22 speech after a fan wrote that anyone who thinks Trump’s better at the job is a clown. “Guess I’m a clown,” Waka Flocka wrote, using the laughing emoji.


The backlash was swift after Akademiks’ followers noticed Waka Flocka’s admission. “U used to be so cool and progressive, wtf happened to you,” one fan asked. “You just received your doctorate dawg you’re a smart brother,” another person commented. “Do some research next home big homie. Obama couldn’t do anything because Republicans controlled the Senate and Congress. I guess you support a president that put kids in cage, a man that has made so much people lose most due to the way he handled this pandemic. A man that called us thugs and incite violence against us when we protesting the killing of unharmed black men. Next time think before you speak.”

And yes — many, many commenters agreed with Waka Flocka that he’s a “clown.” Obama made his speech on October 21 in Philadelphia at his first in-person rally for Joe Biden. He didn’t hold back when criticizing Trump and his hypocrisy. At one point, he called out Trump for his shady tax practices. “His first year in the White House he only paid $750 in federal income taxes,” the former president said. “Listen, my first job was at a Baskin Robbins when I was 15 years old. I think I might have paid more taxes that year… dispensing ice cream.”

*story by Hollywood Life