Pro-Trump parade rolls through NYC neighborhood, receives surprising support

Video of a pro-Trump auto parade ahead of Sunday’s chaotic “Jews for Trump” rally in New York City shows at least one neighborhood warmly receiving the parade hours before clashes broke out elsewhere between Trump supporters and protesters.

Trucks, SUVs, and a tour bus carrying American flags and pro-Trump banners rumbled down a street around 5 p.m. Sunday in Midwood, a heavily Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn.

At least one woman is seen in the video carrying an Israeli flag.

Caroline Swystun, an EMS first responder who lives in the area, said she heard a commotion through her apartment window, and went to check things out and take video.


“It went on for like two hours,” she said. “They were all pumped up.”

Drivers beeped their horns and blasted music as passengers and pedestrians waved flags and banners.

“We are the Democrats voting for Trump,” one man said in the video as his vehicle drove by.


But the festive atmosphere turned a few hours later, as protesters interrupted a “Jews for Trump” rally near the end of a parade route that hundreds of cars followed from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

One family of seven told Fox News Monday they were pepper sprayed by protesters in an unprovoked attack as they drove down Fifth Avenue with their windows open.

Video posted to social media from other parts of the rally depicted violent interactions between Trump supporters and protesters.

One clip, shared by conservative journalist Andy Ngo, appeared to show someone throwing objects off an overpass at Trump supporters driving beneath the ledge. Another video, posted by the Twitter account @NYScanner, shows a man throwing eggs at the convoy as it passes in Brooklyn.

A separate video shows protesters swarming a vehicle, hurling red paint and other objects at the car.

The driver gets out of his paint-soaked SUV, speaking with a police officer and pointing out a protester, who is soon placed in handcuffs. Nearby, a scuffle over a banner comes to blows.


The NYPD said 11 people were arrested in connection with clashes between the ralliers and protesters along the route.

Separately, an NYPD officer was suspended without pay after allegedly saying “Trump 2020” through an official police vehicle’s loudspeaker in another incident caught on video Saturday.

*story by Fox News