Florida Trump Fan Tells Black Biden Supporter ‘I’m White and I’m Proud!’ in Jaw-Dropping MSNBC Segment

A white woman who supports President Donald Trump told a Black woman who supports Joe Biden that she’s “white and proud of it!” in a jaw-dropping focus group segment on MSNBC.

On Saturday morning’s edition of AM Joy, fill-in host Jonathan Capehart introduced the package by saying that this election is “a choice between American democracy and white supremacy,” and added that “Trump’s history of racist rhetoric, including his thinly-veiled promise to save the suburbs, his message comes amid a stark racial divide in this country.”

“And that divide was on display this week when my colleague Chris Jansing sat down with a group of older women in Sarasota Florida,” he said, and what followed were selections from Jansing’s focus group that were raw, to say the least.

“He has caused social unrest,” a Black woman identified as a Biden supporter said, as the Trump supporters interrupted her with cries of “That’s not so. Oh come on!”

“He has encouraged white supremacists,” the Biden supporter continued, adding “And he is a racist” as the Trump fans protested “Oh that is not, no no no no.”

After a jump-cut, the Biden supporter was describing a “racist institution” when one of the white Trump supporters interrupted to say “Don’t use those terms. Don’t use those terms.”

“Yes I will use that term because racism is real,” the first woman said.

“And I know that it’s not because I’m white and I’m proud of it!” one of the Trump supporters said.

“My people are still getting shot without provocation,” the Black woman said.

“Some people are because they’re doing things wrong, they’re not listening to the police,” one of the Trump fans replied, out loud.

*story by Mediaite