Portland goons’ new thuggery

Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell warned about a proposed $18 million in budget cuts to his department last month.

As one of five members of Portland’s City Council, Dan Ryan cast the deciding vote against defunding the city’s cops — who had to return the favor only hours later as lefty goons attacked Ryan’s home.

Two commissioners (as they’re titled) voted to cut the Portland Police Department’s budget by $18 million, or 8 percent, Thursday. Ryan provided the third vote against.

Whereupon the city’s pestiferous “protesters” marched to his house, shouting, shattering glass and lighting flares on his front lawn.

Police showed up rapidly to break up the mini-riot. But this was the fourth night in a single week that these goons targeted the commissioner’s home and neighborhood. Mayor Ted Wheeler had to move to spare his neighbors from these mobs.

The commissioners who sided with Ryan condemned the violence — and newly elected Commissioner Mingus Mapps hosted a video conference with several other black Portland leaders calling for an end to “the campaign of intimidation and vandalism.”

Of course, the overwhelmingly white mobs won’t listen — and Portland’s elected officials refuse to truly crack down, regularly springing those arrested for vandalism with no jail time.

Portland PD morale is in the basement, with retirements soaring. If city officials don’t get serious, there may soon be no cops left to protect them from the goons.

*story by The New York Post