Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother slams Biden over ‘White supremacist’ ad: ‘He’s not a racist, he is my son’

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign “used my son’s image to get votes,” the mother of a man who shot and killed two demonstrators in Kenosha, Wis. over the summer told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday.

Kyle Rittenhouse remains in jail after he shot and killed two men and wounded a third during unrest that followed the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Rittenhouse’s legal team claims the 17-year-old opened fire in self-defense.

In a September video tweeted by Biden, images of tiki torch-wielding extremists and a still shot of Rittenhouse were superimposed over audio of Fox News’ Chris Wallace asking President Trump to condemn “White supremacists” during the first presidential debate Sept. 29. Soon after the video was posted, Rittenhouse’s attorney announced plans to sue the Biden campaign for libel.


“How dare him [Biden] … do that to my son,” Wendy Rittenhouse told host Tucker Carlson. “That’s my son that he did that to. And I’m not going to back down from him — and [Kyle] is not a White supremacist. He’s not a racist. He is my son and I know him and he is none of that what Joe Biden said.”

Carlson noted that no evidence that Kyle Rittenhouse holds racist views.

“No there isn’t,” Wendy Rittenhouse responded. “He’s a caring young man. He went to Kenosha to help people and what Joe Biden did … [he] showed my son’s picture, his image, and labeled him as a White supremacist, I will take him down.”

Wendy Rittenhouse added that she was unaware at the time that Kyle took a rifle with him to Kenosha that night, but knew that he went to help businesses that had been targeted by rioters.

“He went there to help people. He was there earlier to clean graffiti off the buildings … he had his gun there for protection and he helped injured protesters…”

Carlson then asked why Biden would use Rittenhouse’s image in such a video.

“To win the election,” his mother replied bluntly. “Cheaters don’t win and he used my son’s image to get votes.”

*story by Fox News