Con artist dressed as police officer given away – because T-shirt had ‘police’ written on it 🤣

As attempted crimes go, it was, it’s fair to say, not exactly the most sophisticated of jobs.

A suspected con artist is being hunted after he cold-called addresses in Bradford and told residents he was a police officer raising money for the local force.

The only problem? His outfit appears to have made potential victims suspicious: it was a white T-shirt with the word “police” handwritten on it.

Officers – real ones – are now searching for the crook after a resident in his 80s reported the attempted blag in the city’s Heaton area.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: “These incidents have been distressing for the people involved.

“If you receive a visit from someone purporting to be a police officer, please request to see their identification card.

“All police officers, even those not in full uniform, should be carrying these. If people are still not sure then take their details, their collar number and internal extension number and close the door, before calling 101 to check their identity.”

They described the suspect as having tanned skin and wearing black trousers, a face mask, and, yes, a white t-shirt with “police” handwritten on the front.

Anyone with any information about the suspected conman is asked to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

*story by The Independent