Two men enter home, pull gun on homeowner. But he pries away weapon, fires, and hits both suspects — killing one of them.

Two men entered a home in Elk City, Oklahoma, sometime before 6 a.m. Saturday and went into a bedroom when one of the men pulled out a gun, pointed it at the homeowner’s face, and demanded money, according to a document police provided to TheBlaze.

What happened next?

The homeowner told police he was afraid he would be killed, so he grabbed the handgun and pointed it away from his face. A struggle for the gun ensued, after which the homeowner told police the two men pinned him on the bed, the document states.

The homeowner told police that after he gained control of the gun, he fired it several times until the man who pointed it at him fell to the floor. The document also states that, according to the homeowner, the other man who was with the gun-wielding assailant ran out of the house.

That man — Isaiah Johnson, 25 — was shot in the chest during the struggle, the document from police states.

But he had quite a story for cops at the hospital later, telling them he heard shots while walking near the house on the 600 block of North Watkins, realized he was hit, and went to the hospital for treatment, the document states.

Soon, however, Johnson came clean.

Upon further questioning, he confessed that he knew the other suspect — Samuel Castro Jr., 39 — had a handgun before they entered the house and was intending to rob the victim, the document states. Johnson added to police after he heard the gunshots and felt pain in his chest, he fled the home and walked to the hospital. He also said he originally told cops he was hit while walking near the residence so that he might avoid being arrested, the document states.

Johnson was still in jail Tuesday afternoon, police told TheBlaze.

Police found Castro’s body surrounded by a large pool of blood in the bedroom where the struggle with the homeowner took place, the document says, adding that officers also observed a Walther .380 handgun on a small table in the bedroom.

A medical examiner investigator found several gunshot wounds on Samuel’s body, the document adds.

Police on Tuesday would release no other information to TheBlaze.

Quite the wake-up call

Neighbors woke up Saturday to an abnormally large police presence.

“I saw five or six police cars; they had all alleys blocked off,” Tristian Wooten told KWTV-DT. “Cones had the area shut off.”

“They blocked off all in front of the tennis courts there that are to the south and then all the way at the north end of the block,” neighbor Terry Jordan added to KWTV. “So you couldn’t even really tell what house everything happened at.”

“Something like this happens, it does hit pretty close to home,” Wooten added to the station. “It does kind of make you wanna … step up your guard a little bit more.”

Jordan acknowledged to KWTV that “home invasion is kind of a whole different level” and “it’s something you think about” since “as a homeowner” you want to keep your family safe.

*story by The Blaze