Philadelphia Police Come To Aid Of 70-Year-Old Woman Allegedly Scammed Out Of New Roof At Port Richmond Home

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police officers came to the aid of a woman who was allegedly scammed out of a new roof on her Port Richmond home. Police say 70-year-old Hatixhe Halite filed a police report after a repair man allegedly took $500 she paid for roof repairs but then never showed up.

The officers could not stop thinking about her plight. So while one of the officers patched her roof ahead of recent rainstorms, another found a roofer who volunteered supplies and labor to install a new roof.

“Every time she came in my heart broke. I’m about to do it myself, even if I have to learn how to do it, but I will be on that roof myself if I have to,” Officer Cynthia Padua said.

“She helped me, and both, another guy, and I appreciate it,” Halite said.

“Through no fault of her own, she’s suffering every time it rains and it leaks. Come out and just take care of it for her,” Clarence E. Smith said.

The Clarence E. Smith Roofing company stepped up big time to help Halite.

*story by CBS Philly