Trump news – live: President boasts about beating Obama to ‘most admired man’ amid election rant

Donald Trump boasted that he beat both Barack Obama and Joe Biden in an annual personality poll by Gallup that named the single-term president as the country’s most admired man in 2020.

Mr Trump, who earlier went on a midnight Twitter rant to rehash his complaints about losing the US election, went on to add that it was impossible Mr Biden could lose a personality poll, but not the presidential contest, in baseless claims about the election being “rigged”.

That came as Georgia announced the results of its audit of voter signatures. Brad Raffensperger, the Republican secretary of state, announced overnight that Georgia’s audit of voter signatures had found no evidence of fraud in Cobb County, adding: “This audit disproves the only credible allegations the Trump campaign had against the strength of Georgia’s signature match processes.” Mr Trump was now out after “three strikes”, the secretary of state said.

*story by The Independent