WATCH: Biden’s Bipartisan UNITY talk is all smoke, NO fire. Look what they’re REALLY saying and doing.

The unity and bipartisanship talk is just a lot of hot air. Obviously. While they’re blowing that smoke they have their attack dogs out trying to get Fox News made illegal, justifying gangland tactics by Big Tech to get rid of Parler and Reddit forums and anywhere else conservatives might gather. And meanwhile he’s filling up government with cronies and the radical left while using executive power to overturn four years of prosperity and the advancement of American interest.

That’s the plan, as it was all along. What does Joe care? He’s an old codger who just wanted the title. Now he’s got it he’s happy to let AOC and CNN dictate the administration’s footing.

Look what Psaki does in this clip below from earlier in the week. She actually says Biden’s being bipartisan by proposing things that people ought to want. Not by appointing Republicans to office or getting them on board for anything. She’s literally told that Republicans even as squishy as MITT ROMNEY won’t sign off on Biden’s new huge “stimulus” package – which comes right after another package and is full of leftwing agenda items – and her answer is that if they don’t vote for it, then they’re the baddies.

That’s what bipartisan is, to Democrats. It’s you doing what they want.

Lib media is actually acting like that’s a great answer!!

And Biden isn’t stopping or even complaining about IMPEACHMENT being completely the opposite of his “come together” narrative. Because he doesn’t mean it.

“‘Unify behind my agenda’ is not a real call for unity,” said Megyn Kelly this week.

“He doesn’t care about unity, he cares about HIS AGENDA.”

That’s the dang truth.

Unity was a speech. What they’ve done since speaks a lot louder.

*story by The Right Scoop