Jesse Watters Plays Clip From Inaugural Speech Calling For Unity, Says Biden ‘Declared War on MAGA’

Fox News host Jesse Watters said that President Joe Biden’s inauguration address “declared war against MAGA,” while citing a section of Biden’s speech that called for Americans to condemn white supremacy and unify as a nation.

“Part of the protection plan requires an enemy. And that enemy is the populist wing of the Republican Party. Whoever wrote Joe Biden’s inaugural address understands that and declared war on MAGA, under the banner of unity,” Watters stated.

Watters’ program then played a segment from the speech where Biden called on the country to fight political extremism and white supremacy, and urged the nation to unify.

“Biden’s speech recklessly overreached,” Watters stated. “He’s trying to resurrect the civil war era. A country split down the middle over race. Comparing himself to Lincoln.”

*Story by MEDIAite