Biden Signs Executive Order Reversing Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

President Biden signed an executive order today to reverse a ban by President Trump that largely prohibited transgender people from joining the military.

The new order immediately bans any service member from being forced to leave the military on the basis of gender identity.

Not only does the new measure protect all transgender service members, it prevents involuntary separations or discharges based on their sexual orientation, Politico reports.


The executive order also requires authorities to locate and adjust records of any soldiers dismissed from the military because of their gender identity. This includes a dishonorable discharge which could be reversed to honorable.

Meanwhile in Montana, the House Judiciary Committee has passed two bills that would put restrictions on transgender youth and athletes.

According to the Montana Free Press, one bill bans trans women and girls from being a part of women’s sports teams and the other prevents medical professionals from treating gender dysphoria.

House Bill 112 aims to allocate all school sports teams from grade school through college based on the gender an athlete is assigned at birth.

And House Bill 113 prevents medical specialists from providing hormonal therapy or gender-affirming surgery to minors and will impose a fine ranging from $500 to $50,000 to those who violate the order.

*story by Christian Broadcasting Network