Ingraham warns Biden using federal government power to ‘harass and investigate his political adversaries’

President Biden will pursue his stated goal of bringing the country together “by using the power of the entire federal government to harass and investigate his political adversaries,” Laura Ingraham claimed Wednesday night.

“From our bloated intel agencies to the DOJ and FBI, he and Kamala Harris will spy on Americans they don’t trust and they don’t much like,” argued “The Ingraham Angle” host, who dubbed the Biden DHS apparatus the “Department of Homeland Insecurity.”

Ingraham referenced what she described as a scary-looking bulletin suggesting “ideologically-motivated violent extremists” who have “grievances” with the presidential transition may continue to mobilize and/or commit violence.

“Sounds obscenely fake and hypothetical, right?” she asked before noting that the document admits “DHS does not have any information to indicate its specific incredible plots.”

“While the Biden bulletin does make a vague reference to BLM and Antifa without naming them, it specifically lumps anti-lockdown protesters into the same category as the Capitol rioters,” Ingraham said. “The FBI apparently has put them at the top of their most wanted list.”

The host insisted that “we want all of the criminals locked up, period,” and added that while District of Columbia U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin has promised to prosecute any and all suspects engaged in Capitol violence, his office previously dropped charges against dozens of left-wing rioters who rampaged around Washington over the summer.

In addition, Ingraham noted, Biden and his circle are intentionally keeping military troops stationed in Washington as a show of public force against their political opponents.

“Keeping thousands of National Guard troops in Washington until the Spring is a choreographed setup … to justify the leftist campaign to intimidate, punish, and to ultimately silence their political opponents,” she said.

“This effort, it’s not just amoral, it’s illegal. It’s un-American. In court, in practice, it should be declared unconstitutional.”

*story by Fox News