Biden Has to Rely on Note Cards for Simple Introductions to Executive Orders

We reported during the campaign on Joe Biden’s frequent confusion, misstatements, gaffes and fits of anger when challenged by a question.

But he was able to have limited debates thanks to the virus and hide out in his basement for a good part of the campaign. When he did venture out, it often didn’t go well.

You can see a good breakdown here from my colleague Sister Toldjah of his short temper and how he’s gone off on voters, everything from calling a voter a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” to telling a voter he was “full of s**t” and offering to go outside with him.

He had frequent problems getting basic facts and numbers correct. As we reported yesterday, that hasn’t gotten better since. He got confused about how many doses of the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine he was ordering, first saying that they were getting 100 billion, then saying, correctly 100 million. After that he said, twice that would then be enough for 300 Americans. He then corrected that to 300 million.

Now there’s this video today that is more than a little troubling.

Here he is apparently needing to read off of note cards just to know what executive orders he’s signing.


How do you need note cards for something so limited and simple? It’s kind of funny that even he believes President Donald Trump is still the president.

Plus he’s also coughing into his hand again, even licking his fingers, violating those CDC guidelines into what to do when you cough. Even CNN had to remind him not to do that. Where’s his mask on federal property in accordance with his own order?

Listen to how Matt Viser for the WaPo describes his very limited and controlled day. Even the WaPo is seeing the very scripted nature.


The key there is visible for only the short time with “little room for the unscripted.”

But even then you got the note cards. That’s not good.


Yes, but they can’t stick a teleprompter in there easily in front of the reporters when there isn’t supposed to be one for just the simple introduction of the orders.

Can we say it’s getting really problematic?

*story by Red State