ICE Agents Ordered to Stop Using Term ‘Illegal Alien’

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have reportedly been told to stop using the term “illegal alien” in documents, in favor of “undocumented,” according to a report by the Washington Times.

The Times reports:

With President Biden in control, ICE has moved to police its agents’ words, telling them the terms “alien” and “illegal alien” may no longer be used in any documents. [Emphasis added]

Instead, agents have been ordered to use “undocumented” — as in “undocumented noncitizen” or “undocumented individual.” [Emphasis added]

David Shaw, acting assistant director of domestic operations at Homeland Security Investigations, said in a memo that the changes were “an effort to align with current guidance and to ensure consistency in reporting.” His order applies to all official documents, memos and even emails. [Emphasis added]

ICE, according to the Times, did not comment.

The orders are to be “implemented immediately in all products and correspondence,” Shaw apparently wrote in the memo to ICE agents, and they come as President Joe Biden has sought to halt the use of the term “alien” in federal immigration laws.

“Lastly, the bill further recognizes America as a nation of immigrants by changing the word ‘alien’ to ‘noncitizen’ in our immigration laws,” a draft of Biden’s immigration legislation reads.

For years, the open borders lobby and migration activists have sought to eliminate the terms “alien” and “illegal alien” from federal immigration law and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents.

ICE did not respond to a request for comment in time for this publication.

*story by Breibart