Twitter locks Focus on the Family page over ‘hateful’ content — apparently for saying transgender woman is ‘man who believes he is a woman’

The president of Focus on the Family said Twitter locked the page of the Daily Citizen — an arm of the large, well-known Christian organization — for posting “hateful” content.

And what might that content be?

FOF President Jim Daly wrote in his Wednesday blog that the issue was a Jan. 19 tweet — now “no longer available” — discussing Dr. Rachel Levine, President Joe Biden’s nominee for assistant secretary of health at the Department of Health and Human Services.

He said the tweet in question included the following sentence: “Dr. Levine is a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman.”

“It seems, according to Twitter, simply acknowledging biological fact is now ‘hateful,'” Daly wrote.

The tweet also linked to a Daily Citizen article, “Biden to Nominate Controversial Transgender Doctor for Assistant Health and Human Services Secretary.” (Seems the powers that be aren’t able to get stories taken down from websites — yet.)

More from his blog:

As we noted to Twitter in our appeal (we have since been denied), we were deeply puzzled as to why we’re not permitted to simply acknowledge the definition of what transgender women are – those born male who believe they are a woman, regardless of whether they have had opposite-sex hormones or surgeries.
The article itself had absolutely nothing to do with Dr. Levine’s “trans” identification. It had to do with his fitness for the job based on his previous record.

We’ve asked Twitter to explain what was wrong with our wording and even asked them how we might describe Dr. Levine to their liking. At this writing, we haven’t heard back.

Daly added that “there appears to be no room for convictional disagreement” these days, adding the “cancel culture” mantra now seems to be: “You will comply – or be silenced.”

He then briefly discussed a number of people who’ve been banned, bullied, silenced, or canceled in one way or another for non-leftist views, including former President Donald TrumpMy Pillow CEO Mike Lindellbaseball legend Curt Schillingtennis legend Martina NavratilovaHarry Potter author JK Rowlingsinger Ariel Pink, and CrossFit founder Greg Glassman.

“The left will grasp for power,” Daly concluded. “Our job is to clasp our hands together in prayer as we work to be a loving and attractive — and faithful — witness to the power and love of Jesus Christ.”

*story by The Blaze