Seattle Public Schools’ Black Lives Matter lesson plans advance ‘anti-police narratives’

Seattle Public Schools teaching Black Lives Matter lesson plans to children advance “anti-police narratives,” radio host Jason Rantz said on Tuesday.

“This is a curriculum that, to be clear, doesn’t just impact Seattle. This is happening all across the country this week in schools,” the radio talk show of KTTH Seattle told “The Faulkner Focus.”

The Black Lives Matter curriculum-integrated program teaches students explicitly how to become progressive social justice activists, among other things.

“It forwards a number of anti-police narratives, including that police purposely target African Americans with the intent to kill, that they choose not to de-escalate, that they are quick to use force because of their training,” Rantz said.


Black Lives Matter lesson plans are “radical,” Rantz argued in an article he wrote on Tuesday.

Seattle Public Schools are conducting a “Black Lives Matter at School Week” that runs Feb. 1 through Feb. 5.

Rantz wrote, “It indoctrinates elementary- and middle-schoolers into believing that Black people are ‘systematically and intentionally targeted for demise’ in this country. They even learn to blame and distrust the police.”

“There isn’t a hint of ideological diversity in any of the lesson plans,” Rantz said.

Blasting the content being taught to students, Rantz said that the curriculum calls “any jail or immigration law state violence.”

“And it doesn’t just stop on policing and issues of diversity,” Rantz said. “It specifically says that it’s going after the family structure. It teaches kids as young as kindergartners that they should be choosing their own gender. And I think my favorite line from some of the curriculum that was put out there was treating everyone the same might be unintentionally oppressive.”


*story by Fox News