Rep. Omar’s campaign reportedly funded 80 percent of her husband’s consulting firm

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s campaign committee gave more than $2.9 million to her husband’s political consulting firm during the 2020 election cycle, according to reports.

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s election campaign helped keep her husband’s political consulting firm afloat last year, providing nearly 80 percent of the company’s income, according to a report.

The Minnesota Democratic congresswoman’s campaign committee gave the E Street Group — which is co-owned by her husband, Tim Mynett — more than $2.9 million over the course of the 2020 election cycle, the Washington Free Beacon said, citing federal campaign finance data.

Mynett and his partner, entrepreneur Will Hailer, received 146 checks from Omar’s camp over the course of the cycle, the Beacon said.

The final payment was in early November.

An additional $194,000 in payments to E Street Group came from Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), an Omar mentor, the paper noted.

The payments were for advertising, campaign mailings, consulting, and travel, according to the campaign records.

Mynett’s firm also received more than $600,000 in bailout money last year from government payouts to help small businesses cope with the economic impact of the global coronavirus pandemic, the paper said.

Omar has come under scrutiny before for her financial ties to her husband’s firm.

“My relationship with Tim began long after his work started,” she tweeted in March.

“We consulted with a top FEC campaign attorney to ensure there were no possible legal issues with our relationship,” she wrote. “We were told this is not uncommon and that no, there weren’t.”

Omar’s campaign did not respond to the Beacon’s requests for comment

*story by The New York Post