It’s not taken long to see the ramifications of a ‘weak left-wing Biden Presidency’

It hasn’t taken long to see the international ramifications of a “weak left-wing” Biden Presidency, says Sky News host Alan Jones. “I spoke last week about Myanmar, China is pretty happy about the military coup,” Mr Jones said. “And I asked if Taiwan could be far behind?” Mr Jones said the Australian government should be finding answers to a Chinese leadership that knows that “post-Trump, they don’t have to go to bed with too many worries”. “The Prime Minister (Morrison) says he is willing to work through problems in the relationship with China. “PM, my advice to you is to get a wriggle on,” Mr Jones said. “Good government is more than press conferences about coronavirus and silly roadmaps about our future. “Deal with the here and now, or there won’t be a future.”

*story by Sky News