Joe Biden’s godless prayer sounds alarms on socialism

Joe Biden just made history by becoming the first president in history to omit “God” from his legislatively ordered National Day of Prayer proclamation.

So much for Biden’s so-called deeply held Catholic beliefs.

But as a nation’s moral compass goes, warning: so goes society. Godless nations are the mark of the socialist beast.

“Why would President Biden omit God?” Christian evangelist Franklin Graham wondered on Facebook.

He posited on Fox News that perhaps Biden didn’t even know — that “probably a staff person” “wrote it and maybe to even ran it by him.”


So give Biden a benefit of doubt? That’s fine.

But it still doesn’t change the red-alarm warning a godless prayer brings to all of America.

The fact is, if this nation hadn’t turned such a dark corner toward secularism, no national prayer proclamation would ever have dared gone forth from the desk of the president of the United States that didn’t carry the all-important mention of “God.” Even Barack Obama mentioned God in his proclamation — and Barack Obama was the president who mockingly referred to devout Christians during the resurrection season as “Easter worshippers.” That’s one step up from bunny worshippers.

“I was deeply saddened to read that President Biden is the first president to omit the world’God’ in his proclamation,” Graham wrote on Facebook. “That speaks volumes doesn’t it?”

Yes. It does.

It says that America, the nation that pledges an allegiance that’s “under God,” doesn’t actually truly believe its people are under God — or have to be. It says that polls showing the growing secularization of America’s youth, and that surveys showing the failure of today’s believers to attend church, aren’t just skewed polls or surveys, but growing truths. It says that America, a nation founded on the principles of Judea-Christianity, where rights come from God, not government, is now a nation that blithely tosses the Creator to the side — as if unnecessary. Socialism, anyone? Communism, perhaps? It says that America, a nation with individual rights that are utterly reliant on the inclusion of God in government — as a means of keeping government in its subservient-to-the-people role — has come perilously close to the era of mocking the Creator.

And God, as the Bible plainly states, will not be mocked.

If we want this country to remain free — if we want the liberties vested in the individual to remain unchallenged by an overreaching government — then we must, must, must keep God at the helm. We can’t have rights that come from God if we fail to recognize God.

That’s just basic American Freedom 101.

*story by The Washington Times