‘They Will … Become Democratic Voters’: Brit Hume Says Biden Is Motivated To Keep Border Open To Illegal Immigrants

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said Tuesday that President Joe Biden may not be highly motivated to stop the surge of illegal immigrants at the border because “they will eventually become Democratic voters.”


“The suspicion grows that the reason why the Biden administration isn’t doing anything down on the border to enhance the enforcement down there is because they don’t really want to,” Hume told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“There’s a feeling within the party that the more these people come, and the more they get into this country, the more they will eventually become Democratic voters. Thats pretty cynical, but I think that’s a big part of what’s going on,” Hume continued.

He commented on Vice President Kamala Harris’ ongoing trip to Central America, saying that it has not been a successful exercise so far and many are suspecting that “what we have here is a woman who is a lightweight and she’s useful for a purpose like this.”

Hume suggested that Harris has reached the level of her competence doing “a few things here and there.” He criticized the vice president’s statement after meeting with the Mexican authorities: “the one thing that was striking, she talked about root causes and all that sounds very good. What there was no mention of was any real concrete current action that is being taken.”

Hume said that it is fine to assess the root causes of immigration and be willing to “help fix the circumstances … but how long will that take? In the mean time, how many more immigrants will pour across the border?”

Former President Donald Trump told Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney on Monday that he believed the border crisis was a consequence of “gross incompetence” on the part of the Biden administration and was not related to any Democratic strategy to build their voter base.

US Vice-President Kamala Harris speaks during a joint press conference with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei (out of frame) at the Culture Palace in Guatemala City on June 7, 2021. (Photo by JOHAN ORDONEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

Harris stated that prospective immigrants to the United States should not enter the United States illegally, but did not say whether border patrol would begin turning more migrants back.

Biden’s eight-year path to citizenship plan would allow all illegal immigrants living in the U.S. as of Jan. 1, 2021, to achieve temporary legal status in five years and to apply for citizenship after an additional three years. White House press secretary Jen Psaki has blamed the Trump administration for the surge of illegal immigrants at the border.

*story by The Daily Caller