Victoria’s Secret trolled for hiring Megan Rapinoe: ‘Nail in the coffin’

Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, known for their iconic fashion shows with size-zero models, is now opting for a more inclusive approach towards the demands of the modern-day woman. As a part of their rebranding initiative, soccer icon Megan Rapinoe has been hired as a spokeswoman. The brand, which is reportedly facing a loss in business at present with hundreds of stores being shut down, is hoping for a comeback with the new outlook towards women’s bodies and outfits.


Along with Rapinoe, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Amanda de Cadenet and Adut Akech were also roped in to represent Victoria’s Secret. However, not everyone is pleased with their decision to make Rapinoe a part of the franchise, especially by replacing the iconic ‘angels’ the brand has always been identified with. The women won’t be posing in lingerie, but ‘instead appear on a podcast and in marketing materials for the recovering brand.’ While on one hand, Rapinoe is receiving unprecedented support from her sincere fans, a section of social media users appear to be extremely upset at her inclusion with Victoria’s Secret. The decision is being dubbed as a ‘business suicide’ while Rapinoe is facing body-shaming by sick trolls.



Rapinoe’s association with the lingerie brand was unexpectedly met with a lot of animosity, including from many prominent far-right supporters. Rapinoe had previously garnered the wrath of the right-wingers and conservatives for being vocal against Donald Trump.  Meanwhile, the star athlete was also a target of body-shamers for not resembling Victoria’s Secret angels in conventional aspects.


“What PR agency suggested this garbage? women want to look like the angels. no one wants to look like megan rapinoe,” tweeted Jessica O’Donnell from The Blaze.

Right-wing activist Jesse Kelley wrote, “Some of the dumbest people run the most powerful companies on earth and it’s hilarious watching them destroy themselves. Megan Rapinoe?? Nobody likes feminists. Nobody. Even other feminists hate feminists. They’re the least appealing people on the planet.”


Controversial talk show host Steven Crowder tweeted, quite distastefully, “Because you know what Victoria’s Secret was missing? An Orvis.”

“Is Victoria’s Secret really trying to pretend that women aren’t into being sexy and beautiful too? I don’t want to look like Megan Rapinoe. I can be feminine AND empowered, thanks,” Trump’s former lawyer Jenna Ellis wrote. Another social media user referring to the flagging state of the lingerie franchise said: “VS used to be romantic & fun. The stores had floral print walls & plush dressing rooms. Then they shifted to a trashy strip club vibe with dudes gawking as you shop. Now this? Nail in the coffin.”










At the same time, support poured in for Rapinoe from her loyal followers, who dismissed the trolls and hailed her as the perfect choice to be the face of the lingerie brand.

“What’s w/ the Megan Rapinoe slander on my TL? If she can rock a swimsuit like this (photographed by Sports Illustrated) why in the world can’t she be a Victoria’s Secret model? She’s hot. Just look at her! Or do y’all just have a problem with strong, outspoken, empowered women?” tweeted author Lynnette Khalfani Cox.

“Seeing how people are reacting to Megan Rapinoe being named a brand ambassador for Victoria’s Secret just proves the point of why we need more people like Megan Rapinoe representing companies like Victoria’s Secret,” wrote a Twitter user.


Another user tweeted, “There are people who don’t like Megan Rapinoe?! Kudos to Victoria’s Secret. Megan Rapinoe slander will not be tolerated. No one wants to look like her? PLEASE, look at her. Everyone loves Megan Rapinoe. Plus, she’s engaged to Sue Bird.”

“Imma make this clear: Megan Rapinoe is a fuckin BADASS. I would die to look like her. I fully support the decision to make her a spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret. And if you dont wear lingerie, you have no room to talk about what model you ‘prefer to see’,” a third user tweeted.



*story by MEAWW