Illegal immigrant tried to ‘strangle’ Border Patrol agent with cord, feds say

An illegal immigrant tried to strangle one Border Patrol agent with the cord from the agent’s night vision goggles, and grabbed another agent’s genitals to try to be set free, federal authorities said in new charges brought in Arizona.

Miguel Angel Acatzihua-Temoxtle was spotted sneaking into the U.S. along with three other migrants on the evening of May 31.

When agents swooped in to make arrests, two of the migrants were caught but Mr. Acatzihua escaped, though he returned later to get a backpack. That’s when an agent tried to grab him, and he fought back, according to a criminal complaint signed by Border Patrol Agent Andrew Carpenter.

First, Mr. Acatzihua kicked boulders in the agent’s path to slow him down. When the agent grabbed him, Mr. Acatzihua feigned he was giving up, saying, “I’m done, I’m good,” only to then start resisting, according to the court documents.

During the struggle the agent ended up on top of Mr. Acatzihua, who was on his back, and who then grabbed the lanyard on the agent’s night vision goggles and pulled.

“Acatzihua attempted to strangle the agent with the lanyard by tightening it around his neck and forcing it into a rear motion,” Agent Carpenter said. He quoted Mr. Acatzihua as saying “I’ll [expletive] kill you if you don’t let me go.”

The lanyard, however, broke.

Another agent arrived on the scene and Mr. Acatzihua, still on his back but undeterred, told them, “I’ll [expletive] both you up,” Agent Carpenter said. Mr. Acatzihua then grabbed the agent’s genitals, causing him to “yell in pain.”

The Border Patrol said Mr. Acatzihua, in a statement to agents, admitted he was in the country illegally, tried to flee, hit one agent in the head then grabbed the lanyard to try to force the agent to release him. Mr. Acatzihua also said he tried to grab the second agent’s leg.

Mr. Acatzihua is charged with two counts of assault.

* Article from: The Washington Times