Democrats won’t apologize for inciting violence

Here is a prediction that can be made with 100% certainty. If a Democrat-appointed Supreme Court Justice had just had their life threatened, this nation’s politics and media would be in uproar. Were a man to have just been found outside the home of a Democrat-appointed Judge, seeking to kill them, it would be wall-to-wall coverage.

But it was outside the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh that a man was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The 26-year old had traveled from California and has admitted that he hoped to kill Kavanaugh. Among other things the man told officers that he was upset about the leaked draft of a Supreme Court judgement on Roe v Wade.

This news hardly made the front page of The New York Times. A tiny news in brief line was all it got. There was no wall-to-wall coverage on the networks. So far the nation’s late night comics have not got the story between their teeth. Nobody is talking about the rise of fascism in America. Nobody even seems particularly interested in looking in the would-be assassin’s motives.

Perhaps it’s because the Democrat media and politicians are feeling just the tiniest sense of guilt. After all, what was it that Senator Chuck Schumer said a couple of years back at a pro-abortion rally? “I want to tell you Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward.”

In the last 24 hours a number of Republicans have highlighted this speech. And in response the Democrats have been pretending to be Little Miss Innocent. How dare people claim that Chuck Schumer was whipping up a rally! How dare they draw a line between such fighting talk and someone turning up at Justice Kavanaugh´s home!

Well, it is worth asking what exactly Schumer meant by his remarks? Kavanaugh is a Supreme Court Justice. He is not a prize fighter, or even a politician. So when someone says that Kavanaugh will be made to “pay the price” what do they mean? That people should make more mean speeches about him? When Schumer says that a Supreme Court Justice won’t know what hit him what could he have in mind? What pressure did Schumer imagine could be leveled against a justice of the Supreme Court?

Schumer isn’t the only one. Remember Elizabeth Warren’s shaking, trembling performance in Washington a month ago? Senator Warren seemed almost thrilled at the opportunity to fire off such righteous anger. “Yes I am angry” she kept spitting out to reporters. After the leak of the draft judgement she claimed that Republicans had “cultivated” these terrible justices. In a subsequent rage-fueled opinion piece she said she was angry at “the Republicans in Congress who stole two Supreme Court seats to get us to this day.”

“Stole”? That’s a strong word. But, being Elizabeth Warren, she went on and on. She attacked the “group of unelected ideologues on the Supreme Court” and even dismissed what she called this “extremist Supreme Court.”

What are you meant to do if you are listening to this? What are you meant to do if you believe the country is being stolen by “unelected” Supreme Court Justices”? As though there is a democratically elected kind. What are you to do if you are told that a branch of government has been taken over by “extremists”? Warren herself used plenty of fighting language. The American people can´t wait “a second longer to fight back” she said. “We need action.”

Now to be fair to her, Senator Warren didn’t seem to be recommending that people should turn up at Justice’s houses with guns. But she was very eager to whip up her base. And she was very happy — like Schumer — to use loose, fighting language. Because she, like other Democrats, believed she was doing so in a just cause.

But just imagine how the tables would be turned if this was the other way around. Imagine the outrage if a Republican politician had talked about the Supreme Court being stolen from the people. Imagine if a Republican dismissed the court as “extremist” or said that the justices of the court would “pay the price” and “not know what hit them.”

By this stage several wannabe papers-of-record would be saying America had slipped into fascism. They would be making comparisons with authoritarian regimes of the past and present. They would be warning us that democracy was dying. That this was its twilight. That the great monsters were back.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren claimed that Republicans “stole” seats in the “extremist Supreme Court.”

Well every side can play at that. And it would be a good idea if neither did. Nations are held together by their institutions. Undermine those institutions and you undermine the whole country.

We´re always going to have differences of opinion in America. But we should be able to agree on some common ground rules. I´ve got one for starters, which is to say to Schumer, Warren and their opposite numbers. Cool it, just a bit. People are listening, and you might not like all the people you stir up.

It was interesting to see President Biden come out of hiding this week to be interviewed by crack, hard-hitting political interviewer Jimmy Kimmel. As ever it was slightly hard to follow the President’s train of thought. Though Kimmel tried to help his interviewee as much as he could.

President Biden told late night host Jimmy Kimmel that he is optimistic about the future of the United States.

But one stand out moment was when the President announced that he had never been more optimistic. “Why?” asked Kimmel. “Look at the kids” replied Biden. “Look at the young people. Best educated, least prejudiced, most giving generation in American history.” It´s a lovely sentiment. But what does Biden base that on?

I don´t know of any measure for “most giving”? But as for “best-educated.” Forget for a moment that this administration helped American schoolchildren lose years of their education. Just find me one person involved in education in America who actually believes that each year the students leave school knowing more than the year before them did. I’d like to meet that person. But I suspect, like Corn Pop, they are a figment of our President’s happy imagination.

* Article from: The New York Post