Raleigh restaurant cancels reservation for conservative group of moms

A Raleigh restaurant is at the center of a controversy.

Wye Hill canceled a reservation after learning a group of conservative women was planning an event at the restaurant on Friday.

The head of the group booked the reservation Tuesday for 30 people and it was canceled two days later.
A spokesperson for the Wake County chapter of Moms for Liberty said the event was just a happy hour and there was no political affiliation with it.

“I think the restaurant is misguided about what the group is about and they are excluding her because of an association she said,” said Kari Donovan, a spokesperson. “She feels disappointed because it looks like a great place and she feels discriminated against.”

Wye Hill did not respond to comment late Thursday.

In a letter sent from the restaurant to the group, they said “We support a safe space for all individuals, no matter how they identify.”

Wye Hill happens to be hosting a children’s book sale this weekend. The sale is in support of the LGBTQ+ community in Raleigh and beyond.

All proceeds are being donated to the LGBT Center of Raleigh.
A number of books being sold at Wye Hill have come under fire in the past few months including “Gender Queer” and Lawn Boy.

Moms for Liberty has organized and protested to the Wake County School Board that they be banned from schools because of their graphic nature and a belief that schools are trying to radicalize students with progressive teachings.

On Wye Hill’s Facebook page underneath the post about the book sale, there are comments supporting the decision to cancel the reservation and those against it.

One person said “Thank you for standing on the side of inclusion and acceptance.”

Someone opposed said “We just found your place two weeks ago, but didn’t realize you include everyone except those you disagree with. Discrimination at its finest.”

* Article from: abc11.com