‘What is a woman?’ exposes the lunacy of pro-trans extremism

What is a woman?

What should be an easy question to answer is now considered a “gotcha” on the left. Conservative writer Matt Walsh has produced a documentary with the question as its title, hoping to get to the bottom of it.

The film is a cross between Michael Moore’s 1989 documentary “Roger & Me,” where the filmmaker pursued General Motor’s CEO Roger Smith, and the Borat movies in which Sacha Baron Cohen pretends to be clueless journalist Borat Sagdiyev from Kazakhstan making films about American culture.

Watching Walsh engage with various experts as they make abject fools of themselves has the same cringe-inducing, face-covering sensation as Borat getting a bar to sing along with “throw the Jew down the well.”

Except Walsh’s subjects haven’t been tricked into anything. They really believe what they are saying.

Dr. Michelle Forcier, a dean at Brown University medical school, refuses to concede that there is such a thing as reality and ends up talking about suicidal chickens when Walsh asks her whether we are assigning a gender to a chicken laying an egg.

She’s not alone. Walsh leaves medical professionals arguing that Santa Claus is real because he is real to children and that what we believe is true is true even when it’s not.

One therapist in Tennessee argues that she can’t answer “what a woman” is because she’s not a woman. The twist is that she clearly is a woman.

I asked Walsh how he got these people to talk to him on the record. He told me, “They didn’t expect to be challenged. It is inconceivable to them that anyone would expect real answers.”

Matt Walsh points out how transgender advocates refuse to define what a woman is.
One of the few medical professionals in the film who doesn’t come off as completely looney tunes is Dr. Miriam Grossman. She believes that some number of the population is indeed gender dysphoric and transgender, putting that number in the “1 in 30,000-110,000 range” — and says it’s important to separate those people, who have genuine, deep discomfort with their bodies, from the recent spike in pubescent kids suddenly coming out as genderfluid or trans.

It makes no statistical sense if your middle schooler has three or five or 10 friends who’ve suddenly become gender nonbinary. The numbers don’t add up.

Yet so much about the current gender-bending push makes no sense. If there is nothing special about the two sexes, if gender is meaningless, what are trans people transitioning to?

Dr. Miriam Grossman argues the true transgender population is extremely small compared to cis gender people.
At a Women’s March, Walsh chats with some women holding a sign that reads “if men could get pregnant we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.” When he asks what a woman actually is, they get flustered and end up arguing that men can, indeed, get pregnant — rendering their sign pointless.

One of the most powerful scenes is Walsh’s interview with Scott (Kellie) Newgent, who transitioned from female to male after being convinced that she was “in the wrong body.” She describes her many surgeries and how much is deeply physically wrong with her today. “I will never be a man,” Newgent admits. And, after the procedures, “I’m probably not going to live very long.”

Yet, she adds, there were few discussions about side effects though “medical transition is experimental.”

Many us are “live and let live,” believing there is indeed a tiny segment of the population who are transgender; we’d happily let adults live however makes them happy.

But the current moment simply won’t allow for that. You will be made to care and conform. And if you don’t like leftist gender ideology pushed on children, you’ll be deemed a bigot.

As Walsh’s film shows, this extends far beyond allowing drag queens to (for some reason) read books to children. The Biden administration removed the word “mother” from health agency communications in favor of “birthing person.” Women are being erased from culture. Medical professionals won’t definitively answer what a woman is.

Scott Newgent endured numerous surgeries during his transition.
Walsh told me “most of what we’re told from academia and media is vacuous and not grounded in science or reality.” It was scary to watch him prove that right.

* Article from: The New York Post