Mom delivers CHILLING warning to parents as TikTok perv swamp blown open by Wren Eleanor account

A mother has gone viral on TikTok as she warned other parents to save their children from online perverts. Jess, who uses the name ‘Hashtag Facts’ on TikTok, reportedly decided to caution parents after she got to know about a scandal involving a famous three-year-old Wren Eleanor on TikTok whose videos were saved, downloaded as well as attracted inappropriate comments from multiple anonymous accounts.

The startling trend also forced Jess to check the videos she shared of her 12-year-old daughter as well as the child’s private Instagram account. In a TikTok video, she said, “The problem with all the saves and all of the follows is that people are watching your children and doing disgusting things. Protect your kids.” She went on to explain how the contents on Eleanor’s account are cute and adorable but not all followers are actually there for the little girl’s innocence. Some might have ​​been there with a mischievous purpose.

Jess noted, “What mums are noticing is how many times these videos of Wren are being saved. People started noticing really disgusting comments that men were leaving. I’m not going to share the disgusting ones, but I did notice that someone posted this: ‘she is so mature for her age.’” Those comments also reminded her of one comment she got on her own daughter’s video.

She said, “My daughter doesn’t have an account on TikTok…but my daughter was doing the ‘3,2,1 bang challenge’ and I posted it and I got this comment: ‘your daughter is kinda cute’. I thought that comment was innocent when it was posted but it’s not. Then I realized the video of my daughter had been saved way too many times, so I removed it.”

However, it was just the tip of the iceberg because when the worried mother looked over the 12-year-old’s Instagram page, she found anonymous accounts like ‘Fun Testicles’ following and watching her posts.

Jess’ video has reportedly been seen over five million times, attracting several comments from fellow mothers. One of them said, “This is why I don’t post my kids anymore. Sure 98 percent of viewers are innocent and think it’s cute. But that 2 percent isn’t worth it.” The second one wrote, “The amount of saves is baffling to me. Those people even use code words in comments to identify one another. So scary!” “Wow this really opened my eyes, I post my son all the time,” the third one added.

This comes after another mother, who is also a TikToker, said that she was deleting all her videos of her little daughter following Eleanor’s case whose account was handled by her mother Jacquelyn.

Kelso Dawn LeBlanc said, “What caught my attention was there was a video of her little girl that had a tampon and she was posed in a kind of an inappropriate way and she was like playing with a tampon.”

In another video, LeBlanc noted, “Obviously there are creeps everywhere and they’re a lot of things you cannot control when it comes to protecting children. But you can control the content you post of your own children on social media.”

Danielle, who uses the handle @douladanielletilley, agreed with LeBlanc and added, “It’s the creeps’ fault and I agree, but the fact of the matter is they are out there and they are not leaving any time soon. And it is your job as a parent to protect your child.”

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