The George Soros Bait and Switch

In a recent opinion piece George Soros, the multi-billionaire funder of extremist causes and groups, employed a dishonest bait and switch to divert attention from the damage he has inflicted on multiple communities in America. Mr. Soros appears to be a bit defensive of his actions, as well he should.

The thrust of the self-promoting missive is that his support of the most extreme local prosecutors in America is just. Of course, he uses the “race card” as an excuse. And he claims society needs to “invest more in preventing crime with strategies that work,” rather than merely enforce existing law.

How can we believe that to be his primary focus when Mr. Soros has spent so lavishly to elect prosecutors in jurisdictions that had very low crime rates—places like Fairfax, Virginia, or Alameda County, California? As a rule, elections for district attorney have been quiet affairs with candidates spending very little on their campaigns. For the most part, candidates sought to present their skills to the public and show connections to the community. All of that changed when Mr. Soros dumped many millions of dollars into local campaigns across the country. It has become clear that his goal is divisive, fringe politics and nothing more.

As of today, it is estimated that 20 percent of America is covered by a Soros prosecutor. The bait has been the empty words of reform and fairness. The switch? The results. As detailed in multiple reports, crime in the Soros jurisdictions has soared.

Who are the primary victims of this crime? The very people Soros and the radical Left pretend to want to help: low-income people of color. Tragically, Soros has manipulated low-income voters to elect prosecutors who create chaos, with the harshest results for those very same voters. Minority-owned businesses are being battered. Women are being assaulted at greater rates. Child abuse is on the rise, with declining consequences. Violent crime is exploding.

Mr. Soros brags, “I have supported the election of prosecutors who support reform. I have done it transparently.” Au contraire, Mr. Soros. A December 16, 2021, expose in the New York Post shows Soros funds funneled various ways to obfuscate the source. In my county alone—Polk County, Florida, where the main industry is agricultural—we have identified a number of organizations funded directly, but more often indirectly, by the Soros network.

As we are learning, this is not unique, this pattern exists all over the nation. Transparent? Not even close. The Soros network knows the voters will reject the track record of crime and abuse they have built. That is why they hate sunlight.

What is the direct impact of the Soros radicals? Mr. Soros claims so-called “experts” and “studies” prove his prosecutors are helping the communities in which they were installed. Do we require experts to see the horrifying carnage and human despair?

Another measure of the Soros network’s failure is the flight of longtime, non-political professional prosecutors, who no longer can support these destructive policies. This has left low-level underlings to manage important prosecutions.

Most recently and dramatically, 25-year veteran prosecutor James Murphy resigned from Chicago District Attorney Kim Foxx’s office. In a stinging rebuke of her and the radical policies she has imposed on the crime plagued city, Murphy wrote, “I would love to continue to fight for the victims of crime and to continue to stand with each of you [the staff], especially in the face of overwhelming crime that is crippling our communities.… This Administration [Foxx] is more concerned with political narratives and agendas than with the victims and prosecuting violent crime.”

Were Mr. Murphy the only career prosecutor to feel this way, he could be dismissed. But he is just the tip of an iceberg of dissent and anger over the suffering imposed by the Soros D.A.s.

In the beginning of his article, Soros states, “one of government’s most important roles is to ensure public safety.” It is not one of government’s roles; it is the primary role. It would appear that the goal of the Soros network is to undo the protections guaranteed the citizens in the Constitution. How is undercutting protections for the average citizen—especially lower-income, disadvantaged people—by empowering a career criminal class and setting them above everyone else “ensuring public safety?”

Soros-sponsored D.A.s have unleashed a wave of criminals onto our streets whose consequences will take a decade or more to repair. He has inflicted serious harm on families that are the least able to defend themselves. This is another example of crony corporatist interests using special privilege to dictate policies detrimental to the people of disadvantaged communities.

Soros can claim to be “proud” of this horror, but it is neither honorable or just.

* Article from: The American Conservative