‘Safer Tucking’: Boston Children’s Hospital Says Teens Can Use Tape To Hide Genitals

Guidance from Boston Children’s Hospital outlines how transgender teenagers as young as 13 can implement “safer tucking” to make their penis look like a vagina. It also includes instructions on how girls can “bind” their chests to look more like men.

The hospital’s guidance falls under what it calls “gender services,” which include resources on the “gender spectrum” and “gender affirming hormone therapy.” The hospital calls its program HOTT (Health Outreach To Teens), which describes itself as “a welcoming, non-judgmental, confidential program designed specifically to meet the health & wellness needs of LGBTQ young adults aged 13-24.”

“Wrap medical tape around the shaft and pull it down toward the back. Use more tape to secure. Medical tape removes less painfully, but does not stick when wet. Taping could make it painful to sit,” the hospital writes in one method they outline. (RELATED: Boston Children’s Hospital Updates Standards After Offering Sex Change Surgeries To Teens)

The guidance recommends boys don’t use duct tape, but adds, “if you do use duct tape, remember to shave (although not right before, as that can cause irritation) so that the tape does not pull hair. Soak in a warm bath before removal to make the tape less sticky.”

The hospital’s program includes images depicting how to use the methods outlined.

The hospital has come under fire in recent weeks for promoting gender reassignment surgeries including vaginoplasty, metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, chest reconstruction, and breast augmentation to adolescents and young adults. The hospital did update its guidance for genital surgeries to only be offered to adults 18 or older, but still allows mastectomies on children as young as 15.

Boston Children’s Hospital is promoting a program called HOTT, in which adults teach minors how to “tuck” a penis with medical tape so it looks like a vagina.

“After you have been on hormones for a while, things will shrink and become more comfortable.”https://t.co/frobGaLx1k pic.twitter.com/rvWUX7PGce

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In addition, the hospital teaches girls as young as 13 how they can bind their breasts to look like a man’s chest. One of the methods the hospital recommends is a “binder/medical compression shirt.”

“Many are designed for people recovering from breast tissue surgery, but today there are companies who design specifically for transmasculine/non-binary folks.”

The guidance also includes a “sizing chat” to assist teen girls in finding the right size binder, as well as options for binders at a “low cost.”

Boston Children’s Hospital did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.

* Article from: The Daily Caller