‘Utter hypocrisy’: Ted Cruz blasts Democrats criticizing immigrants in their cities

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) mocked Democratic Mayors Muriel Bowser and Eric Adams for their “utter hypocrisy” over concerns of illegal immigrants being bused to their cities.

“The mayor of [Washington,] D.C., Muriel Bowser, has said that the 6,000 illegal immigrants that Texas has put on buses and sent up to D.C. has created a crisis and it is unacceptable and has to stop. Now, that is just 6,000,” Cruz explained on his Verdict podcast. “We ought to send 600,000 — 600,000 would be roughly one-sixth of the number of illegal immigrants who have come in under Joe Biden.”

“By the way, if she doesn’t like it, she is a member of the Democrat Party. The person responsible for these 3.5 million [people] lives in her city,” Cruz continued.

The Republican senator also blasted Adams for considering it a successful idea to send New Yorkers to campaign against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for reelection.

“I have to admit that I had some great joy responding and said, ‘Well, actually, to be fair, there are already thousands of busloads of New Yorkers fleeing New York and coming to Texas, and Eric Adams is driving them away,’” Cruz said.

Cruz suggested those crossing the southern border should also be sent to places such as Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, south Hampton, Cupertino, California, and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where Biden vacations.

“Every place that rich liberals sit and swirl Chardonnay,” Cruz suggested. “They ought to sit there and watch busload after busload of illegal immigrants unloading.”

“It reveals the utter hypocrisy of the Left,” Cruz added. “They’re willing to cause human suffering as long as it doesn’t impinge on the view from their golf course.”

When pressed about the concerns of Bowser and Adams, the Biden administration has deflected reporters’ questions, accusing Texas of using the migrants as “political pawns.”

“Well, the question is to Gov. Abbott. Why is he using migrants as a political pawn in doing what he’s doing?” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said earlier this month. “There’s a legal process here, and he’s not using that legal process.”

* Article from: The Washington Examiner