Kentucky school district includes CRT, ‘Whiteness Theory’ teacher training

The Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky hosted a “Racial Equity Institute” this summer, including presentations about racial equity and anti-racist math, according to reports.

Jason Anger and Daniel Buck reported on the event in The Chalkboard Review, and called the trainings the “greatest hits list of radical progressive ideas.”

Topics in a presentation given by Atherton High School assistant principal Dr. Julie Chancellor included critical race theory, implicit bias rating, Whiteness theory and historical causes of inequity. The training recommended books such as Ibrim X. Kendi’s “How to be an Antiracist” and “White Fragility,” according to the report.

Chancellor’s presentation stated that racism is “so pervasive” in society it is “almost invisible,” and it “affects education specifically.”

The slides also highlight the difference between the demographics of the teachers and students, noting 40% of students in the district are White, while 84% of the teachers are White.

“White teachers perceive the academic ability of their Black and Brown students as lower than their White students,” the presentation stated.

Presentation slides for a session on teaching “anti-racist math,” say math lessons “that focus on understanding social and racial injustices are an important piece of the broader struggle for justice.”

This training is not the only one hosted by the district focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. An October training is focused on Culturally Relevant Curriculum, and another is focused on LGBTQ+ Inclusion (for middle and high schools). A November training is title Supporting Early Child LGBTQ+ Students/Families and focuses on “preschool teachers can provide a welcoming, inclusive classroom environment for students and families that supports diversity and equity.”

“If schools across the country were to scrap all ‘anti-racist’ training and devotion to all things Queer, and instead focus on developing what it takes to be a professional – content-area expertise, classroom management techniques, curriculum development – then we wouldn’t see parents pulling out of public education in the numbers they are,” Anger and Buck wrote in their piece.

A study from Education Next indicated that public schools lost 4% of their students between 2020 and 2022, with homeschooling and enrollment in private and charter schools increasing.

The Jefferson County Public Schools did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

* Article from: Fox News


(**) When you see parents and their children under attack, help them. You don’t have to live in the same area to show concern for your fellow White brothers or sisters. Call this school, email this school and tell them about your concerns. Be polite, don’t speak of acts of violence, and don’t use racial slurs. It doesn’t help doing these things as they’ll take you for a baffoon, be professional. Do you know how long it took me to find the information to contact this school? Under 2 minutes. Aren’t your brothers and sisters, and mostly their children worth that little bit of effort? Contact these places everytime you see articles such as this one. Do you notice these places never a have a comment for their actions? They are cowards. I’ll help you out on this first one. Here’s the information to contact this school with your concerns…

Jefferson County Public School System

Phone: (502) 313-4357


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