Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital slammed for claiming babies know they’re transgender ‘from the womb’

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: A Harvard-affiliated children’s hospital is facing backlash after claiming some babies know they are transgender “from the womb.” The Boston Children’s Hospital which is also a part of the Harvard University Medical system is currently caught in a scandal over the age for gender transition surgeries and faces claims of rushing under-18s into life-altering sex change surgery.

A since-deleted video posted by the Boston hospital’s official YouTube page suggests some babies know they are transgender “from the womb” and even a larger number of minors know, “as soon as they can talk.” Psychologist Dr Kerry McGregor explains the type of patient she encounters and says, “So most of the patients we have in the clinic actually know their gender, usually around the age of puberty.”

“But a good portion of children do know as early as – seemingly – from the womb,” says McGregor in the Youtube video posted in August. “And they will usually express their gender identity as very young children, some as soon as they can talk… kids know very, very early.” However, critics say these claims are not based on science and suggest medics at the clinic are unwilling to question children who are often vulnerable, reports Daily Mail. Critics have slammed the acceptance of gender ideology as a “social contagion.”

It comes after a large number of children with gender dysphoria are giving rise to the use of powerful puberty-blocking drugs. Texas Gov Greg Abbott has previously likened it to “child abuse.” Dr Jay Richards from the right-wing Heritage Foundation said, “The claims that children ‘know their gender identity.. seemingly from the womb’ is a claim with no basis in science or data. It is simply a concept imposed on the actions of kids by gender ideologues.” Dr Richards said, it was another sign of “social contagion” which is increasingly creeping into medicine.

The Boston clinic sees children as young as two and three and new patients are given counseling before exploring pharmaceutical options. The clinic is also known to allow children to explore their children by giving them “space and support.” Stella O’Malley a psychotherapist who specializes in gender issues said, “When distressed and vulnerable young people are offered an option to be somebody different, it’s very, very alluring and gender ideology does offer that,” she told sources as per Daily Mail.

* Article from: meaww.com